Mechanical Administrators

ACHP facilitates 3 courses for Mechanical Administrators with a total of 14 continuing education credits. Courses include:

Advanced Cold Climate Home Building Techniques (2 IMC credits)
This is a two-day, intensive workshop presenting energy-efficient building techniques for builders, designers, planners, and homeowners. It is an excellent opportunity to learn the latest construction methods related to residential energy efficiency.

This course meets the State of Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing educational requirements that qualify general contractors to take the state Residential Endorsement exam.

The building technologies introduced are based on energy conservation through the use of insulation, air/vapor retarders, insulating windows, and controlled ventilation systems, among other methods. ACHP Instructors are well trained and highly experienced with state-of-the-art building methods. They teach techniques for maximum energy efficiency and conservation for homes built in northern climates. ACHP has prepared and published a manual for this workshop, Northern Comfort: Advanced Cold Climate Home Building Techniques. The manual is included in the cost of the workshop.

Combustion Safety Training (8 IMC credits)
This course focuses on basic safety testing of combustion appliances, paying specific attention to appliance drafting under “worst-case” conditions. Proper use of the digital manometer, draft gauges, chemical smoke, and techniques for resolving pressure problems will be covered in this course. Emphasis will be placed on identification of combustion appliance malfunctions, not repair. Students will learn to predict and control problems associated with house airtightness and duct work.

Understanding Heating Systems Options for AHFC Programs (4 IMC credits)
This workshop will familiarize Mechanical Administrators with the AkWarm rating process and explains the process that an energy rater goes through when providing a homeowner with a report suggesting improvements to their heating, water heating, and ventilation systems. These common improvements are creating a good deal of work for the mechanical trades, as well as a good deal of confusion. This 1- day class offers 4-hours of continuing education credit (CEU’s) for mechanical contractors, providing Mechanical Administrators with CEU’s and strategies for working with consumers and energy raters.

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