Architects & Engineers

Check out the ACHP Alaska calendar for courses that may meet your professional license continuing education requirements.

Per the State of Alaska, Department of Commerce website: Continuing education courses or activities are not pre-approved by the board but must meet criteria set out by the State of Alaska. All activities for which PDHs are claimed must be relevant to the practice of architecture, engineering, and landscape architecture within the registrant’s field of practice and may include technical, ethical or managerial content. All subject matter shall address the public’s health, safety, and welfare.

Qualifying CE activities may be sponsored or presented by colleges or universities, employers, government agencies, nationally affiliated or professional societies, or by other organizations. The board does not pre-approve courses for PDHs. It is your responsibility to assure that the activities in which you participate meet the requirements.

Typical Qualifying Activities: Completing or attending qualifying seminars, in-house workshops and professional or technical presentations; attendance at qualifying programs presented at technical or professional society meetings, conventions, or conferences; teaching a course for the first time (does not apply to full-time faculty).

Click here for a list of classes in your area.