Become An Energy Rater


AHFC is not currently issuing new energy rater agreements, or offering new energy training. Training may be offered based on AHFC’s demand for energy raters.

Still interested in being an Energy Rater?

AHFC-authorized Energy Raters

AHFC is not a certifying body for Energy Raters, and currently none exists in Alaska. However, AHFC does issue energy rater agreements to individuals who meet the criteria and receive an agreement from AHFC to perform AHFC-authorized energy ratings. This agreement is required for anyone who wishes to perform energy ratings for AHFC programs. AHFC-authorized energy raters can perform energy ratings for:

  • AHFC financing
  • Alaska Home Energy Rebate program
  • Alaska BEES certification of a home

New Energy Rater Candidates

The prerequisites for new energy raters are described in 15 AAC 155.530, “Initial Energy Rater Authorization.” Completion of the pre-requisites is no guarantee of acceptance into the AHFC Energy Rater training program or issuance of an AHFC Energy Rater agreement. Becoming an AHFC-authorized Energy Rater is a 3-step process. Further details are available at the links, below.

Initial Application Requirements

If AHFC determines that you are preliminarily qualified, you may become an Energy Rater Candidate and must now meet the Energy Rater Candidate Requirements.

Energy Rater Candidate Requirements

Energy Rater Candidate Requirements

Individuals who are not accepted into the AHFC Energy Rater Program can still pursue Energy Rater training through training organizations but they will not be able to perform energy ratings for AHFC programs. There may be opportunities for Energy Raters who do not have AHFC agreements to:

  • perform energy ratings for homeowners who are financing their own retrofits
  • perform energy ratings for homeowners who simply wish to better understand their energy use and how best to improve their homes.