About Us

Mission Statement

Alaska Craftsman Home Program was organized in 1988 for the charitable and educational purpose of promoting energy efficient buildings that are cost effective, healthy and durable.

Vision Statement

To be recognized by end users, industry and government as the primary educational resource for energy efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable buildings in Alaska.

Core Values

Education | Advocacy

Long-Term Goal

Be recognized by homeowners, building occupants, building industry professionals, and government as the primary educational resource for energy efficient, affordable, safe and sustainable buildings in Alaska.  ACHP will focus primarily on end users; ensuring that occupants understand the benefits of sustainable building techniques, and create public demand for sustainable structures from the building industry.

Positioning ACHP to meet our long-term goal is dependent on accomplishing the following goals:

1) Developing a sustainable organizational infrastructure,

2) Providing reliable, relevant and accessible programs to end users, building industry and government, and

3) Broadcasting a clear message about the value of energy efficient, affordable, safe, sustainable buildings.


The Alaska Craftsman Home Program (ACHP) is a nonprofit (501 c3) corporation that was formed through a cooperative arrangement between the University of Alaska Cooperative Extension Service, the State government, State Department of Community and Regional Affairs, and the Alaska State Homebuilders’ Association.  The program’s goal is to improve the energy efficiency of new residential construction in Alaska by educating Alaskan builders and suppliers about the benefits of energy efficiency.  ACHP began by providing intensive workshops and certifications designed for builders, contractors, and engineers, providing comprehensive training on the design and construction of energy efficient homes, retrofit techniques, and the design and installation of mechanical ventilation systems.

In 2008, ACHP diversified program delivery, providing workshops state-wide to homeowners in conjunction with Alaska Housing Finance Corporation’s Home Energy Rebate and Weatherization programs.  This change in program emphasis was necessitated by a recognition that 20 years of education solely focused on builders, home inspectors, appraisers, engineers, and mechanical contractors over looked a component necessary for change in building best practices, homeowners and building end users.

Since 2008, ACHP continues to provide education for building professionals while providing workshops designed for the benefit of homeowners in more than 30 communities, reaching some 13,000 Alaskan’s.   The integration of workshops accessible to homeowners with the rebate and weatherization programs has led to a reduction in energy consumption of more than 30 percent ($1,300) per participant.  These savings have coincided with a significant recognition by building professionals of the importance of continuing development of building best practices.  Moving forward, ACHP intends to expand delivery of energy efficiency education outside of residential building end users, to include commercial building occupants.