Building Energy Efficiency Standard (8 hours)
BEES sets the standard for thermal resistance, air leakage, moisture protection, and ventilation as they relate to efficient use of energy in buildings. This course is required to obtain certification to sign off on the PUR 101 ventilation standard. The International Energy Conservation Code, the ASHRAE Ventilation standard, and countermanding AHFC Alaska Specific Amendments will be reviewed in significant detail.

Combustion Safety Training (8 hours)
This course focuses on basic safety testing of combustion appliances, paying specific attention to appliance drafting under “worst-case” conditions. Proper use of the digital manometer, draft gauges, chemical smoke, and techniques for resolving pressure problems will be covered in this course. Emphasis will be placed on identification of combustion appliance malfunctions, not repair. Students will learn to predict and control problems associated with house airtightness and duct work.

Building Analyst Certification (Written & Field Exams)
BPI Building Analyst Training is the first level of BPI Certification. A Building Analyst has the knowledge necessary to provide homeowners an overview of energy use in their homes and options for saving money by reducing energy consumption. It is aligned with BPI Building Analyst Professional standards for energy auditing and provides instruction for energy efficiency analysis using the house-as-a-system approach.